Office du Logement of the of ULB
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Welcome to the website of the Office du Logement of the ULB

Our University does its best to contribute to your success. Our wide range of offers of services to students complements all our teaching facilities.

For some students, choosing a new accommodation when they decide to leave their primary residence to pursue their studies is a big step. For others, living alone or with a flatmate is already a well-known experience. 

The ULB offers, through its residences and private partners, more than 2400 accommodations (on and off campus). 

Our “Office du logement” will help you to find a suitable accommodation and advise you on many aspects of student housing.

Ahmed MEDHOUNE, Director of Department of Community Services of the University.

Accommodation On Campus
Accommodation Off Campus

On the three campuses of ULB (Solbosch, Plaine, Erasme), we offer a large number of rooms, either in one of the University residences or in a private partner residences.

For applications for accommodation in a University residences for the academic year 2017-2018, here is the procedure : you need to register via the online form. Applications must be submitted between the 15th of February and the 31rst of May. An Admission Committee will analyze the applications submitted until the 31rst of May. Applications may still be submitted after this date but they will be placed on the waiting list.

Given the limited number of places in the ULB residences, an admission committee makes decision on applications according to specific criteria (among others, students who have received priority access by the social service, students who already live in a residence, students who register for the first time in the ULB and who do not live in Bruxelles or neighboring municipalities, etc.). The admission committee will analyze the applications submitted until the 31rst of May . In case of acceptance, a contract and a first invoice will be sent to you. The rental is confirmed by the payment of this invoice. You will also receive a letter that will provide you with practical information about your moving into the residence. Duration of contract: 10 months with possibility of extension during the summer.

On the 29th of April, we organize a special day for parents of students, so they can visit the University Residences. Do not miss it!

Online application form for ULB residences
Accommodation for short period
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